What Would Jesus Blog? - Kathryn Kramer Waters
Portland, Oregon artist who creates outrageous conclusions with a fine-point pen.
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What Would Jesus Blog?

I’m going to tell you up front what an artist blog should never do
and then I’m going to do it, just so you know.

First, who are you?

Tell me who you are
but, remember,  you gotta seem important
Like Jesus–which, of course, you’re not
Go ahead, try to convince them you’re important
make me think they gotta know you
tell me  how to reach you.

say “this is how to reach me” but don’t
give any contact information,
you don’t really want contact, do you?
isn’t that why you’re doing this?

For god’s sake you’re an artist. You’re ambivalent.

But are you a failure? Do you want to be a failure?
No? Then sell them something
make it unforgettable

make it irresistible

you are selling something, right?
you better be selling something
if not why the fuck are you blogging?


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