We Are All Daughters Here - Kathryn Kramer Waters
Portland, Oregon artist who creates outrageous conclusions with a fine-point pen.
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daughters waiting line night

We Are All Daughters Here

daughters waiting line night

We stand together in our neat line,
heavy-hearted girls in bows and chains,
waiting for fathers

I am the fourth in line
I stand where I have always stood
I wait where I have always waited.
like the others, longing to be claimed.

Weeks pass, and years.
We stay in our places.
We chant The Hopeful Song,
a song about girls and the fathers who cherish them
fathers who, after searching and searching,
find their sweet forgotten daughters
and run to them, calling their names
…and they are our names.

The Hopeful Song is over too soon
Afterward, we stand together, quietly longing
we do not cry and we do not bend
because we are daughters and daughters are strong.
We stiffen our spines and straighten our line
and do what daughters have always done
we stand together and wait for our names.

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