Pass a bill, then read it. Maybe. - Kathryn Kramer Waters
Portland, Oregon artist who creates outrageous conclusions with a fine-point pen.
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befuddling healthcare

Pass a bill, then read it. Maybe.

befuddling healthcare

You did it, boys. You passed the AHCA without reading it, or debating it, or giving the CBO  an opportunity to evaluate it–that would have have been too risky. Besides, who really cares if it’s good or not? What you needed, and errantly believe you got, was a ‘win’. You bagged a trophy for Mr. Trump’s empty trophy case. Pretty good, eh? Naturally, some people are making a fuss about it, they aways do. But you know how to handle that. It’s not you’re fault they’re unhappy. You were just doing job, following the manual–no, not the Constitution, the other manual: How Not to be a Representative of the People.  

Republican arsonists

You’ve got the momentum now. The Straight White God is on your side. Enjoy your triumph. Savor it. Whoop it up while you still can…because your merriment is unlikely to last. Every bargain has a cost.  Mr. Faust could tell you that. You will have to pay up soon and, sadly, the rate will be steep. Hardheartedness, it turns out, is a pre-existing condition. And chronic. How unfair is that?

No excuses. You knew what you were doing. We did too.  You not only betrayed us, your constituents, you underestimated us. That was a big mistake because we are smart and strong and there are a lot of us. We are willing to fight for what we think is right and work to change what we think is wrong. We are doing that together. We are talking, and planning, and thinking, and reading–none of which you did before voting today.

Anyway, congratulations. You got the job done. The damn thing is out of your hands at last, headed to the Senate where it will be transformed beyond recognition or completely demolished. But that’s not the point. The point is you did it. You showed the Obama liberals what was what and got yourselves a taxi the process. How good is that?

And now it’s time to celebrate. Toast your victory. Post it. Tweet it. Congratulate each other on your cleverness. Knock yourselves out. But know that your clock is ticking. You think you fooled us, but you didn’t. Whatever trust you had is gone. You did not listen. You did not protect us. You do not deserve to represent us. Your time in Congress is running out.

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