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Portland, Oregon artist who creates outrageous conclusions with a fine-point pen.
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felonious president

Warning: This Post Contains a Predator

The Winding Path Away From Here Do not be fooled by lies, or wealth or title Nothing good has come from this man's hands They only topple what is built by others. The semblance of respectability is a sham Seeing beyond it is our responsibility There is no refuge in denial or passivity Innocence is ours to preserve...

shameful republicans

They should be ashamed. So why aren’t they?

The problem with shame is that some people don't have any. You'd think getting caught with a stinking pair of bye-bye-healthcare-hello-tax-cut trousers around your ankles (covered in the shit you just tried to pass off as legislation) would cause a modicum of discomfiture. By all rights it should have. But mortification was in extremely short...