Cat plus Baby Equals Cat-astrophe! - Kathryn Kramer Waters
Portland, Oregon artist who creates outrageous conclusions with a fine-point pen.
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Cat plus Baby Equals Cat-astrophe!

children's book with cats

Lumps is a children’s story about a family coming apart…and then together again in a whole new way.

I wrote this book (actually, Attila Rosa wrote it–I merely transcribed it) for everyone who has ever been preempted by a new baby. Or by something else that’s new, and intrusive…and very possibly disgusting. The fact that the victim in this case (and also the storyteller) happens to be a cat doesn’t change anything. The situation is, it turns out, universal.

cat sleeps in bed

In the beginning there was me. Just me. I ate well, napped comfortably, and had my toys to myself. I liked that. I lived with Morgan and Jamal in a little blue house with sunny windows and a rainbow rug and a spot above the stove that smelled like grilled cheese sandwiches. I liked Morgan and Jamal and they liked me. They liked me better than anything, even chocolate.                           

From Lumps, by Kathryn Kramer Waters

In the same way that no child is ordinary, Attila Rose is no ordinary cat.  She’s special. Just ask her. She’s strong-minded, articulate, spoiled…and more than anything, she is well-loved. Or anyway she was, before the Lump came along…

A Lump is an ugly blob of noise that stinks.  If one comes to your door,
do not let it in, especially if you’re a quiet, tidy sort of cat, like I am.

cat and crying baby

Attila Rose’s perfect life is shattered by the Lump’s unwelcome arrival. Thus begins her calamitous emotional journey through shock and disgust, pleas for attention, furious attempts at rebellion, and moments of utter despair…

 cat hides under couchcat thrown out of house

cat in rain

Happily, it doesn’t end there. Things do change. She changes. Life isn’t perfect, and it isn’t magic, but it’s better. 

Learning to share the people you love is not fun or easy— especially when it’s not your choice and YOU DON’T WANT TO. But sometimes you have to do it anyway, which can make a cat (or a person) feel hurt, angry, and very much alone. Attila Rose understands this and she is not afraid to talk about it.

As a writer —woman, mother, wife, artist, teacher, and sibling— I live in many worlds at once and know how essential (and how difficult) it can be to find your place in the face of change. Anyone who has struggled with this will find a true friend and powerful ally in Attila Rose.

cat having a tantrum

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